Online Personal Training

OneF1tness provides personalized training plans that suit your fitness goals, dietary needs, and schedule. 
Our experienced coaches will help you achieve your goals.

The Consultation Process

At OneF1tness, our virtual consultation process is the cornerstone of our personalized online training plans. During the first digital consultation, we’ll delve into your fitness objectives, examine your daily routines, and pinpoint any potential challenges. We’ll also take into account your dietary requirements and schedule. This vital information enables us to construct a unique online training plan that is meticulously tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Our seasoned online coaches will navigate you through this process, providing expert advice and continuous support at each juncture of your fitness journey.

With OneF1tness’s online personal training, you can be confident that your training plan is custom-built for you, guaranteeing the most optimal outcomes.

Initial consultation is



for a limited time!

online program inclusions

$99 / month

This model is for someone starting off on their fitness journey. This plan teaches essential fitness techniques, habits for healthy living, and recipe suggestions, but it is built without one-on-one coaching.

  • 15-minute strategy session each month
  • Workout plan
  • Online support (Email, Facebook Group)
  • Nutritional support (Tips of the Trade)


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